Alexsander Akers

  • Siri and SiriKit: an Intents Topic

    Swift AlpsNovember 29, 2018

    I gave a workshop at the Swift Alps conference covering SiriKit’s component parts, the Intents and IntentsUI frameworks, as well the two relevant app extension types. I worked with attendees throughout the day on integrating Siri support into their own personal or work projects.

  • iOS: 10 Years in Review

    App BuildersApril 17, 2018

    To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the iOS SDK, I explored the history of the iPhone and its SDK through some of the key features and innovations that contributed to the evolution of software development as we know it.

  • Disassembly for Fun and Profit

    NSSpainSeptember 14, 2017

    My talk at NSSpain was about disassembly and how developers can reach into the internals of Apple’s and other frameworks to see implementation details and hidden functionality. I also gave a workshop at NSSpain related to my talk where we went in-depth into the private Sharing framework and we reverse-engineered AirDrop.

  • Cross-Platform SpriteKit

    Mobile EraNovember 4, 2016

    SpriteKit is Apple’s framework for 2D sprite rendering. I gave an overview of the various features of the framework and how developers can leverage them across Apple’s platforms.

  • Accessibility

    App BuildersApril 26, 2016

    I gave a general overview of the accessibility features of Apple’s platforms and why developers should adopt them in their apps.

  • Death by Indecision

    Swift SummitMarch 22, 2015

    Using slides featuring only emoji, I discussed how my inability to make decisions in a side project of mine led to its downfall.

  • The Other WatchKit

    NSLondonSeptember 25, 2014

    I spoke about the Pebble SDK and how iOS developers could program for a smart watch before the Apple Watch and its associated watchOS SDK were available.

  • AddressBook.swift

    Swift LondonSeptember 17, 2014

    I was invited to speak at one of the first Swift London meet-ups to speak about using the the AddressBook framework in Swift when, at the time, only a C-level API was available.